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Ningi Community Berates Critics, Supports 10bn Road Construction —Africa Daily News

By Abdulwahab Muhammad, Bauchi

Ningi community have berated the critics of Bauchi State governor,senator Bala Mohammed for awarding the construction of a 11-kilometre Ningi-Gudduba dual carriageway project at the cost of over N10 billion saying its justifiable and will booost the socio economic activities of the emirate.

Addressing a Press conference in Ningi , The Chairman of Ningi Grass Root Development Association Alhaji Yusuf Yunusa Danburam Ningi flanked by hundreds sons and daughters of Ningi emirate said "

Our attention has been drawn on the uproar created by a former Senator and former house of reprrsentatives member over the 10.3bn road construction awarded by the Governor of Bauchi State," those making the noise are ignorant of the project and they didnt care to check for the facts rather they are doing it to create unnecessary tension, to get cheap publicity and to blackmail innocent God fearing citizen and patriots"

Yusuf said" the critics failed to check the design, to put the record straight the road is a dual carriage way is a two lane going and two lane back, separated by a concrete caves and drainage on both side of the road. Thus the road is about 22km long same 22km concrete drainage 11km on both sides, culverts and compensation. When you take all these into consideration, 1km may be somewhere around 500million naira. Compare this with rates the Federal Government rates, which is much higher around 2.5 to 3billion a km. "

Chairman said " not only  the rates per kilometer for the Federal Government is 2.5-3bn, the road in question (GSS Ningi- Gudduba) despite being double lane, and dual in nature making the total length to and fro to be 24 kilometers. The road is a federal highway and the best practices were applied in costing the construction and the supervision would be carried out jointly by state and Federal Government’s Engineers. The scope of the road construction includes hydrolics and provision of street lighting along the stretch of 24 kilometers,"

Yusuf said " in addition compensation will be paid to people whose houses and shop owners are on the road which if not act of sabotage one will appreciate the project"

He said the Ningi community are happy with the project and are ready to defend it because it will turn their town in to urbancity when completed.

Chairman said most of the urban cities in the state has model roads except Ningi, and the people of Ningi agitated for the Project for a long time, it is now that Allah destined the road to be constructed.

He said when completed the road will reduce accident, and will.make it easy for women parents and children to take their wards to schools and hospitals.

Many speakers at the briefing including representatives of youths, women, business men, Politicians and scholars commended Governor Bala for awarding the project and assured that that when the project is completed, the roads will boost the economic status of the state as well as Ningi town in particular.

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