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Kaduna Killings: Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi Calls for Probe, Compensation Commisserate With Victims of Kaduna Bombing

FILE: Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi. 

By Abdulwahab Muhammad, Bauchi

A reknowm Islamic Scholar, Leader of Tijjaniyyah desciples Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi has pleaded with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to probe the incident and ensure payment of compensation to the families of Muslims ummah killed by Nigerian Army’s ‘accidental’ bombing of Tundun Biri in Kaduna State on Sunday while celebrating Maulud birthday of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him.

Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi made the call today tuesday while speaking with newsmen in Bauchi, He said, "We want the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to stamd firm to ensure justice for the affected people killed while celebrating Maulud, and punish the officers that carried out this dastardly act to prevent future occurrences, and uphold the principles of protecting their diginity, protect their fundamental human rights to live, to practice their religion without hindrance and to uphold human rights and international humanitarian law.”

He commisserated with the immediate families of the deceased the entire muslims community in the world and in Africa , and pray to Allah to forgive them and grant them eternal rest.

The scholar said, "We are in pains, How the people on air drop bomb to innocent people whose fault is it? Is it the fault of the government or who? He queried? The essence of government is to protect lives and property, but not to play with people lives, We urged a thorough probe into the tragedy that killed scores of innocent Persons.” 

He said, “We have started disscusion with the Federal Government through the National Security adviser and he pledged that they will ensure that they investigate and do justice to the victims when president return from his journey.” 

Sheikh Bauchi said, “That conducting a comprehensive inquiry into the unintentional bombing is critical to averting future accidents by analyzing the circumstances that led to the tragedy, because some innocent muslims were killed in the past while on theor way back home they were attacked and killed by hoodlums in Jos and the recent one they just drop accidental bomb that killed them we will not agree to that.” 

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