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Northern Youth Endorses Udu Sikirat For National Appointment — Africa Daily News

By Khalid Idris Doya

The Northern Youth Association of Nigeria (NYAN) took a swipe at public services women appointees’ involvement in financial scam, with the observation that responsibility should only be given to persons with the maturity, experience, and trustworthiness to handle a ministry, department or agency saddled with the duty to manage public financial resources.

The association is however not saying that the country lacks outstanding, competent, and experienced women with good moral disposition to steer any MDA in Nigeria, the issue is in the choice where sometimes rogues are oversightintly picked only to become to the nation's public or even private services.

The President of the association, Comrade Godiya T. Adams in a press conference in Abuja on Thursday however applauded the appointments made by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, describing them as truly representative and competent-driven despite some of the looseholes, especially in women appointments into the federal service.

Comrade Godiya Adams explained that it was in the efforts to provide for good governance that President Tinubu engaged most stakeholders in APC and public space to drive for inclusiveness in the administration, stressing that there are so many Nigerian trustworthy women that held, with others still holding public and private offices both within and outside the country that are contributing to the socio-economic and political development of Nigeria.

Adams cited example with Nigerian former minister of finance, and now the Director- General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) who is apt and doing, and two former Ministers of education, Oby Ezekwesili and Ruggayat Rufa’i, and others, while in the private sector, one can buttressively cite Chief (MRS) Udu Sikirat Adunni whose array of achievements are undeniable.

The Association said that Chief (MRS) Udu Sikirat Adunni is a graduate of some prestigious Universities in the USA (Central Michigan University & Eastern Michigan University Michigan) and also a member of some professional organizations, whose involvement in advocacy availed her opportunities to serve on the board of many organizations. 

According to the group Adunni is the chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN), "a philanthropist, mobilizer and capacity builder, and an employer of Labour who started her business with little to nothing, establishing Acouns Diagnostic and Lab Assist Nigeria Ltd as the MD/CEO, with philanthropic spirit engaged in some social and humanitarian services like rehabilitation and equipping of a Health Centre, and building a skill acquisition centre in Isingwa, Abia State.

Comrade Godiya Adams, while describing Chief Udu Adunni as a shining star with impeccable character and outstanding influence, said that her humility, courage, patriotism and texterity which have attracted so many All Progressives Congress (APC) members and supporters across the country are yardsticks to bag her national appointment under the Tinubu-led administration.

"The endorsement and nomination of an achiever, outstanding, and trustworthy entrepreneur in the standing of Chief (MRS) Udu Sikirat Adunni for a national appointment is germane to our collective responsibility to contribute to nation-building."

"Permit me to use this opportunity to congratulate Chief (MRS) Udu Sikirat Adunni, an ideal woman full of glamour and the charisma to get things done effectively and efficiently. Let it be known that her emergence, endorsement, and nomination for a national appointment are feats that were achieved through a herculean search. We celebrate you, Madam."

"At the stakeholders meeting, it was observed that the support for Chief (MRS) Udu Sikirat Adunni for a national appointment is not only predicated on his unwavering disposition to development and economic growth but also on his capacity to mobilize young people to support the progressive ideology of Government. 

"It was observed that responsibility should be given to persons with the maturity, experience, and trustworthiness to manage financial resources like Chief (MRS) Udu Sikirat Adunni," The group added. 

"Notwithstanding her experience, competence, and tact, her values and moral disposition character have distinguished her. We also agreed that Nigeria needs good leaders who possess credibility, have a bias for action, exhibit humility, stay authentic, and present themselves as being consistent with high moral values as represented by Chief (MRS) Udu Sikirat Adunni."

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