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Northern Governors Amenable to Non-Kinetic Approach to Tackle Security Challenges, says Inuwa Yahaya

By Abdulwahab Muhammad, Bauchi 

The Chairman of Northern States Governors' Forum and Governor of Gombe State has echoed the growing consensus among stakeholders that addressing the complex security challenges plaguing the northern region and Nigeria at large requires a united front and coordinated action among security forces and government agencies at all levels.  

Governor Inuwa made this assertion during a press briefing held after a high-level security meeting involving the 19 Northern Governors, Ministers of Defence, Police Affairs, and Interior, as well as the nation's security chiefs.

 The meeting, convened by the National Security Adviser in Abuja, was aimed at strategizing on combating the escalating security threats in the northern region.

Expressing deep concern over the prevailing security situation, Governor Inuwa reiterated the commitment of northern governors to work closely with security agencies in seeking enduring solutions.

 He stressed the need for exploring alternative approaches to achieve better results in combatting security challenges.

"In view of the security situation across the North, we are increasingly concerned and recognize the necessity to deliberate, review, and consider alternative options to improve outcomes," Governor Inuwa stated.

The NSGF Chairman affirmed the readiness of northern governors to complement the kinetic approach advocated by the National Security Adviser with non-kinetic strategies. 

He emphasized the importance of combining both approaches to enhance the overall security situation in the country.

"We are open to the kinetic approach proposed by the NSA. Our deliberation with key stakeholders in the security sector has been productive. While acknowledging their commendable efforts, we recognize the need to adopt a different approach, particularly by integrating non-kinetic methods," Governor Inuwa added.

He emphasized the determination of northern governors to continue working closely with relevant stakeholders to explore innovative strategies and implement effective measures that will help restore peace and stability in the region and across Nigeria.

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