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Tension In Abuja As Shiites Protesters Set Ablaze US, Israeli National Flags — Africa Daily News

Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria  ( Shi’ite) on Monday in Abuja burnt down the national flags of the United States of America  ( USA ) and Isreal to protest the killings of their muslim brotherhood in Palestine 

The protest which kicked off at the front of Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) was terminated at the American Embassy. The angry protesters were chanting anti government songs: ‘Down To America’ ; ‘Free Palestine’ ; ‘Down To Israelʼ

In a statement, Sheikh Munir Sokoto, a member of the movement, Demand an immediate and absolute stop to the ongoing “massacre of civilians in the strip of Gaza.” 

Sokoto said trustworthy accounts verified that numerous Palestinians lost their lives, and thousands suffered injuries.

He added that Israel is in breach of international law and the Palestinians are fighting to “liberate their homeland from 75 years of Israeli oppression and terrorism”.

Furthermore, he said Gaza has experienced an Israeli blockade since June 2007, leading to a deterioration in living conditions. He added that “supporting the people of Palestine is a duty upon all humans”.

“Since the 7th day of October, 2023, Israel has kept up with its inhuman military aggression against the oppressed people of Palestine, without sparing women, children, or the elderly.
“Today marks the 158th day of the Gaza bombardment. Within these days, Israel has dropped over 30,000 bombs, killing at least 31,000 Palestinians and leaving over 72,400 injured. Nearly 70 percent of homes in Gaza have been partially or completely wiped out. Places of worship, markets, hospitals, and schools have also been targeted and destroyed.
“According to the United Nations, half of Gaza is at risk of starvation. Further, the World Health Organization reports that Israeli attacks and the siege have resulted in the spread of diseases that may even kill more people than the detonated bombs have so far done.
“The over-22-week-old genocide has been made possible by the total support from the US and UK governments. They have even blocked a UN Security Council resolution calling for a total ceasefire; this exposes the fact that they are the sponsors and accessories to the Gaza carnage.
“In the context of the ongoing massacre, every reasonable and humane government would rise against the Israeli terror attacks on the ever-persecuted Palestinians in line with international law. But the US continues to fan the flames of insensate destruction and cold-blooded murders of innocent people, mainly women, children, and the elderly.
“We have seen video footage of young people crying out of gruesome torture, little children sitting in pools of blood and debris, and fathers carrying their emaciated and lifeless kids.
“This pains our hearts and fills us with an unbearable rage. The atrocities are yet ongoing: the siege and indiscriminate bombing. The cutting of all means of communication continues, as well as the destruction of buildings, including hospitals.
“Explosions still detonate, and the Zionist entity still massacres unarmed Palestinian men, women, and children with the full support of the US and UK governments. Without the US providing weapons to Netanyahu and voting against all efforts by the United Nations to bring about a total ceasefire, Israel would have no option but to withdraw from occupied Palestine and stop the cold-blooded killings.
“On the 11th January, 2024, US military forces led an attack on Yemen. The Yemeni government has been blocking ships only bound for Israel in order to force Netanyahu to stop the genocide and lift the siege, and the Yemeni Authority makes that clear to all and sundry. Therefore, attacking them for doing so amounts to trying to stop them from upholding international law. It clearly shows that those attacking them are parties to the ongoing massacre of women, children, and the elderly in Gaza.
“Moreover, the said attack on Yemen by US/UK-led forces further exposed America's complicity in the 158-day-old nonstop genocide against unarmed Palestinians.
“We demand an immediate and absolute stop to the ongoing massacre of civilians in the strip of Gaza.” it added.

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