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Governor Inuwa Yahaya of Gombe State set to Tacles Water Problem in the State.

By Abdulwahab Muhammad, Bauchi 

...Orders Speedy Restorations of Power to the Dadinkowa Power Supply Damaged by StormsAf

Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, CON has issued an order directing the Ministry of Water, Environment and Forest Resources and other relevant bodies to speed up action and restore normalcy for water production and distribution to Gombe Metropolis and environs.

The governor's directive was born out of his deep concern for the basic need and necessities of his people, and his commitment to ensure continuous and uninterrupted water supply to the people.

He directed that,." You must fix this problem with immediate effect, I don't want any delay. We are not ready to take any excuse. You must ensure  production and pumping of water to the people latest by Wednesday". 

The Governor also expressed concern over the hardships residents of Gombe are facing due to a power supply interruption caused by vandalism of some poles on the 330KV Jos-Gombe transmission line.

Acting on the directive, the ministry mobilized its technical teams who are currently working tirelessly to replace the broken down electric poles and repair the power cables to ensure power supply to the water treatment plant at Dadinkowa.

The Dadinkowa Water Supply Scheme produces approximately 35 million litres of water per day, costing the Gombe State Government N154 million monthly. The treatment plant relies solely on a dedicated power line by Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED) Plc for uninterrupted operation.

Following combined efforts of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), JED and regional teams from Gombe and Bauchi, the powerline was partially restored sub-optimally with Gombe receiving only 5MW out of which the Tabra pump station receives 0.5MW for pumping water to upper and lower zones for subsequent distribution to communities and households within Gombe metropolis.

However, following a strong, damaging windstorm on 25th April, 2024, up to 31 electric poles along the Dadinkowa dedicated powerline were damaged which consequentially halted the production, pumping and distribution of water from the treatment plant.

The technical teams are expected to complete the restoration work on Tuesday 30th April, 2024 after which production, pumping and distribution is expected to resume immediately by Wednesday 1st May, 2024 with a resultant adequate supply of water to the people of Gombe metropolis and its environs.

The Gombe State Government, appreciates the peoples’ patience, understanding and perseverance to the hardship being faced regarding acute water scarcity.

The government also commends the confidence the public have on the government and the firm believe in its efforts to resolve the situation without further delay.

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