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Respect Rule of Law in The Interest of Peace, Dahiru Bauchi Advises Kano Govt, Emirs

By Abdulwahab Muhammad, Bauchi.

Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi Foundation has advised the Kano State Government and the two emirs to respect rule of law in the interest of peace, stability of Kano State and Nigeria.

The Chairman of the Foundation Sheikh Ibrahim Sheikh Dahiru stated this today when he addressed a press conference in Bauchi, He said that the advice became necessary to avoid chaotic situation in Kano, He said: "in the interest of peace we want justice to prevail, since the court intervene to maintain law and order, we expect each parties to respect the rule of law in the interest of peace.

Sheikh Ibrahim faulted the Kano State Government decision to continue with the process of appointing the 16th emir of Kano, and dethroned the five emirs despite the court injuction.

He advised the emirs to take a vow in the interest of peace brotherhood to save shedding the blood of many innocent soul and allow peace and stability to reign, Sheikh Ibrahim said: “If for example sanusi was dethroned by Former Governor Ganduje, and people pray for his return , today he was appointed by Governor Abba, there is nothing wrong if Sanusi will emulate Sayyidina Hassan grandson of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon who left power to Mu'awiyyah in the interest of peace brotherhood among the muslim Ummah.”

He urged the National Assembly to amend the constitution and make laws that will protect traditional rulers from the politicians who used power to dethroned them or appoint them at their pleasure.
Chairman urged Government two parties and the people of Kano to respect rule of law not to be on haste but to follow due process and follow whatever court will say in the interest of Justice. 

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