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Bauchi Has 2,154,109 Total Pupils, Students Enrollment In Schools, Centres, Says Commissioner

By Khalid Idris Doya 

The Ministry of Education in Bauchi has said that it could today boost of 1, 808, 256 primary school sector enrollment with girls constituting 48 percent of the figure.

"Insights from the last Annual School Census ASC reveals that the public primary school sector boasts a total enrollment of 1,808,256 with girls constituting 48% of this number". 

This was revealed by the Bauchi state commissioner of education, Dr. Jamila Mohammed Dahiru Tuesday at the ongoing state ministerial press briefing, saying, “approximately 1,470,625 constitutes the pre-primary and primary schools enrolment".

Dr Jamila Dahiru explained that a number of 216,326 is for junior secondary schools, and 121,305 enrollment figure for senior secondary schools, while the technical secondary schools enrollment stands at 3,886.

She said that 113,937 is recorded as the enrolment of non-formal centers and the existing Islamic and Quranic Tsangaya Schools, as private schools contribute a total of 228,030 of the students enrolment.

"Therefore cumulatively, Bauchi state has an approximate 2,154,109 total enrollment of pupils and students at the basic and post basic levels across both public and private, formal and non-formal schools and centers". 

"To sum it up, the enrollment rate in Bauchi state stood at 115 for primary schools (114 for boys and 117 for girls). 45 enrolment for junior secondary schools (46 for boys and 44 for girls) and 33 enrolment rate for senior secondary schools (35 for boys and 30 for girls". 

"Similarly, our retention and completion rates with a total of 86 (46 for boys and 44 for girls) for pre-primary and primary school level, 45 the junior secondary schools (46 for boys and 44 for girls), and 35 in the senior secondary school level (38 boys and 32 girls)". 

The commissioner also gave  gender disparity as 1.07 for pre-primary and primary schools, 0.87 for junior secondary schools and 0.7 for senior secondary schools. 

Jamila assured of the state government's commitment to continue to change the narrative until it claims the best in the country, stressing that Governor Bala Mohammed has continued to provide her ministry with strong political-will, unwavering commitment and visionary leadership and guidance.

"Bauchi state education sector under his leadership continues to enjoy financial stability with an increase in budgetary allocation to 16% more than Abuja declaration, prompt payment of matching grants, staff salaries, promotion claims, and allowances".

She expressed gratitude for the state government's magnanimity in the provision constructions of schools, classrooms, renovations and upgrading of schools, provision of teaching and learning resources and vibrant logistic, as well as  coaching in all public schools, in addition to the existing support of the zonal and sub-zonal education offices across the state. 

"The Ministry of Education with the Special Schools Board and State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), oversees a network of 3,854 primary schools, 1,038 junior secondary schools, and 450 senior secondary schools, totalling 5,342 schools".

According to her, the ministry collaborate closely with 1463 registered private schools in the state, it also manages a total of 1,356 nomadic schools and non-formal centres, married women schools, and Islamic Quranic and Tsangaya Schools through Bauchi State Agency for Mass Education (BASAME), and Bauchi State Agency for Nomadic Education (BASANE). 

She assured that Governor Bala Mohammed has repositioned the Ministry with information communication technology in its readiness to adapt to 21st century innovations for enhanced service delivery. 

"We use ICT for transparent conduct of transactions, online access to essential services and the removal of age long corrupt practices through modern tools like e-payments, online registrations, and payments of bursaries, among others", Jamila.

She called on the press to help her ministry in the campaign against out of school children through massive awareness drive to all nooks and crannies of the state.

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