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Opinion: Engr. Bala Mohammed: An Engineer Who Engineers The Society With Kindness

By Usman Abdullahi Koli

In every human environment, there exist some people whose character and characteristics are magnificently unparalleled and worthy of emulation. These kind of qualities are what endear them in the heart of many, thereby inadvertently pulling people towards them as magnet does to iron.

With the above assertions, I am making allusion to Engr. Shamsuddeen Bala Mohammed. Yes! The name could ring a bell in the minds of everyone living in Bauchi State.

Born and raised by a good and well respected family background from the ancient village of Duguri, Alkaleri L. G. A of Bauchi State, Engineer. Shamsuddeen is privileged to be the son of his Excellency the people's governor, Sen. Bala Mohammed.  Shamsudden has  received a good parental upbringing from his parents, that's why he is disciplined enough and  that's how the famous name "Shamoo Na kowa"  came about. His generosity, kindness and tireless efforts towards ensuring the well-fare and well-being of his people began to prevail since when he was in school; he rendered support to students who could not afford to sponsor their education, before he finished his studies, he provided the  future of many youths by paying their tuition fees, which opened the door for their intellectual journey. To say the least, Shamsudeen becomes a mirror to the youths of Bauchi. What can be described as a Golden!

Engr. Shamsuddeen has been trained by various prestigious institutions, which afforded  him wealth of experience in various endeavors of life. And the fact that he is passionate about helping the masses further beautifies his life.

When he was appointed as a Director in Almuhibbah Foundation, he thought  himself that he needed to keep ushering his relentless support and help to people especially youth. He then started to enroll youth into the foundation that renders help to the vulnerable or less privileged. He sponsored students to study in various institutions, he supports patients to get healthy by taking care of their medication bills and lots more. This makes me asked, whether he is an angel of philanthropy!

Engr. Shamsuddeen Bala Mohammed provides job opportunity to our teeming youth by engaging them to his services at Almuhibbah Foundation. He operated the foundation not solely for  profit making but, rather to boost the economic and living condition of the masses. The Foundation  is the best of its kind in terms of youth empowerment  and gender equality. 

Recently, I wasn't surprised but, I was in euphoria when told that Duguri emirate council turbaned him as Dan Galadiman Duguri, I became overwhelmed and overjoyed because I know a royalty pays respect, when ever you see someone with royal titles know that the person is worthy enough and a true son of the soil because royalty doesn't recognize bad eggs. 

This also reminds me of a time around 2017 when I saw this young and vibrant person around Bauchi club with almost  20 youth following him. I told myself that he might be a politician untill I saw them with school registration papers and he paid for almost everybody around. 

The conferment of the title of Dangaladiman Duguri is a well deserved title and I have the belief that Engr. Shamsuddeen Bala Mohammed will deliver to the best of his ability with fitness and grace. May the Almighty continue to be with him.

Congratulations to you on this well deserved opportunity. May Allah help you to deliver. 

Usman Abdullahi Koli, a student of  Mass Communication Department, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi 

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