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Boko Haram Has Killed 350,000 Nigerians, Says UN — Africa Daily News

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) says the Boko Haram terrorists killed about 350,000 people in the North-East, of whom 90 per cent were children.

The new report, released in collaboration with Nigeria’s Ministry of Finance, gave a new toll on the war and impacts of the insurgency on livelihoods, showing that it is 10 times higher than previous estimates of about 35,000 based only on those killed since the conflict started in 2009.

UNDP noted that for every person killed directly, at least nine other lives were lost indirectly because of the impact of the war, citing damage to agriculture, water, trade, food, and healthcare.

“The full human cost of the war is much greater,” the UN agency said. “Already, many more have died from the indirect effects of the conflict.”

Since Boko Haram launched its first attacks in 2009, close to two million people have fled their homes in three North-East states.

The insurgency has contributed to a decline in agricultural production, leading to disease and hunger.

Facilities including health centres and schools have been destroyed or become inaccessible. 

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