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Zaura’s Return To APC Scared The Living Daylights Out Of Others

By Shariff Aminu Ahlan

I can say unequivocally here and now without any doubt or sentiment attached that the coming of A.A. Zaura to APC, coupled with an unprecedented mega-event that was staged on Saturday, 12 June 2021 to officially welcome him to the party had indeed raised an eyebrow and set tongue wagging with several comments, reaction, and interpretation ravaging our radio airwaves and several media outlets both print and online.

As naturally expected, any mega event of such magnitude that witnessed the presence of an uncountable number of the party heavyweights from both the state, nation, and abroad, not to mention the huge number of party faithful from the entire forty-four local governments must surely be significant and vital to the entire party at the state and national level.

One glaring fact about it that is worthy of mention was the presence of thousands of ‘Kwankwasiyya’ members who trooped into the venue and decided to switch side by dumping their party and joining the train of APC due to their beliefs, confidence, and inner faith on the man who the whole historic event was organized in his honor. What's a man with an extraordinary aura and political acumen!

Then it goes without saying that the man is not just like any other ordinary politicians, but a giant political guru with a massive fellowship that cut across other opposition parties at state and national level. If his presence can even attract the diehard and spiritually bonded, blindfolded, and extremely brainwashed members of ‘Kwankwasiyya’ fraternity who set themselves free by jumping to APC train, then it openly displayed the important and useful nature of the man who has indeed proven himself to be an asset to nourish, safeguard, and cherished. 

All these culminated to displayed the political significance of man to the entire world. And it all attributed to the exceptional qualities of the man which naturally unique, rare, and worthy of emulation. He is known to be a humanitarian and philanthropist who is always spending his hard-earned fortune to better the lives of people, especially commoners and the downtrodden. Not to mention his political acumen and sagacity guided by a calculative mind. An astute businessman with Midas touch, with fear of God as his guiding principle. Intellectually endowed with a simpleminded and humble attitude which has been attracting people that led to the astronomical number of fellowship he has in his kitty.

Despite the fact that the entire party members are indeed glad and constantly celebrating his coming into their fold, it also, unfortunately, rattled, perplexed, and made some big shots trembling with fear of the unknown. As it is customary with every political party, its members are always free with liberty to seek for any political post or position which is primarily the reason for practicing democracy, the APC is no exception in following the same route.

As such it harbors thousands of people with individuals’ ambition defending on the post or position they would via for during the election. Many have the inner ambition to contest right from councillorship to the governor or even the presidency. There are this several notions, interpretations, and predictions among the party faithful, which some justifiably believe that the man may be nursing an ambition to contest for governorship, as he once craved and seek the same office under his former party Green Party of Nigeria (GPN).

But it is all about guessing game, for the man has not publicly declared what he may go for during an election year. But information springing out from reliable sources indicate that some party heavyweights who are nursing the ambition to inherit the throne from Governor Ganduje is a little bit rattled and maybe nursing fears that indeed a formidable and well-connected person has joined the queue and may prove to be hard nock to crack.

Their fear is indeed justifiable knowing the character, track record, and mastery of the game of politics and its intrigues. While those linking him seat of Federal House membership may be causing the present occupant a sleepless night. While some may have slight conviction towards their guess which centered on a notion that the new state political prince may not even contest any post but render massive support to his prepared candidate in both the governor and presidential election.
Be that may, the mere fact that the grand entry of the youthful and powerful politician to the ruling party has indeed been not just noticed, acknowledged, accommodate, and celebrated but also rattled and shocked some ambitious top-notch politicians who still wallowing in the dark trying to figure out its impact on their personal ambition. That naturally made some been afraid of what may later on unfold.

For now, we should concentrate on nourishing, tendering, and cherishing this exceptional and great asset that has just landed. As for what he may have in stock or the constitutional-backed right and privilege to seek for, only time would tell... 

Ahlan (Ganduje Intellectual Warrior),
Wrote in from Kano

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