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On The Fertilizer Price Saga

By Daure David

To me personally, I will opt for Gov Bala Muhammad of Bauchi state decision on the price of the fertiliser not because I support his administration but because the state government is subsidizing little and provide enough for everyone to get it.

On the other hand, Gov Aminu of Sokoto price of fertiliser is unsustainable bearing in mind the paucity of funds to subsidize the fertiliser for farmers in his state. Mind you, Sokoto state has the highest poverty rate of 87%. So, the question is, does the Sokoto government has money to sustain it? How many farmers can truly access it? What is the point of giving prices while the fertiliser will not be accessible?

The truth is, we at times tends to create unrealistic and unsustainable programs for formalities just to score cheap goals without any meaningful impact thereafter.

However, while I appreciate the efforts and commitment of the Kaura administration to reviving the Bauchi fertiliser company by injecting 1billion to boost production, on the other hand, there is no point in making the fertilizer available while the common man does not have the resources to afford it.

That is why I equally wish to appeal to you on behalf of the good people of Bauchi to consider reviewing the prices of fertilizer to enable our farmer's effort, with Urea selling at 9k and NPK at 7k5 respectively.

I think doing so will also help in bringing succour to our people at these trying times couple with the economic challenges confronting us as a state.

Thank you.

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