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Still Much Hunger In The Land: Open Letter To President Buhari, By Amina Iliyasu

I write with utmost respect to you and for the love I have for my dear country Nigeria. I am your ardent supporter and I appreciate the effort you are making in developing the Country. 

Mr President you have done so much most especially in poverty eradication. It is your administration that has brought different packages of support to the masses ranging from Paris club bail out funds, N-Power, Trader Money, Market Money, AGSMEIS, Survival Funds, Conditional Cash Transfer, Home Grown Feeding, Public Works, Household packages, etc.  All for hunger eradication.

Sir, the most disturbing thing here is, despite your efforts, there is still much hunger in the land and you are the one being blamed, which I feel very bad about.  As a concerned Nigerian I began to think of a better way of doing things, a way that people will appreciate your effort, a package that will bring development to the nation, a way in which such monies can be multiplied into a life changing situation, a better way you can communicate with the masses in the language they understand. Lo and behold! I found an answer. The answer is nothing but Skills Acquisition.

When we look at China today, the development realized so far is quite remarkable and all they have centered on is skills. China decided to change the narrative by embracing Skills and of course we can see where they are today. I appreciate the management of Kaduna Polytechnic for their enthusiasm to have embraced Skills Acquisition, they now have a center for Technology Development (CTD) under which they have a Department of skills Acquisition and training where different Skills are being taught as well as packages like the Out of School program for the Almajiris. They work in conjunction with the Panteka youths who specialize in spare parts fabrication in Kaduna. Kaduna Polytechnic repairs its own vehicles, package its own pure water, bake its own bread, and many more. Baba if we can shift paradigm and concentrate on Skills Acquisition, those monies doled out in the above packages can come as take-off grants for individuals that have acquired skills and they will grow in their businesses successfully.
The number of uneducated people in the remote areas in Nigeria is scary, these people are frustrated and are being reminded on daily basis that the Government is wicked to them so they are vulnerable and being used negatively on the entire populace. This phenomenon has contributed to the insecurity we are facing today. If such people are trained in skills, the situation will be better as they will be engaged positively and even contribute to the development of our dear Nation. Skills Acquisition now has a Global certification body called National Skills Qualification (NSQ). An Individual with NSQ certification is recognized everywhere in the world and can be employed as well. For those who cannot go to school, let the Skills world be there home. More so Baba, your recent broadcast about Government agencies being filled up with no vacancy for fresh employments is enough reason for us to think of the way forward.

Having identified the problem and a solution above, I would like to draw your attention on the position of Skills acquisition as an area of concern in Nigeria. There is no standard structure that mother’s Skills Acquisition in Nigeria, the only Government office concerned with that is the Directorate of Employment (NDE). Sir, from the name, NDE does not sound in anyway like a place where skills are acquired, this is why many Nigerians see the Directorate as an organization where peopled pass through to get employed into Government offices. To say the fact, most Nigerians do not know what NDE is all about. In light of this, I hereby suggest you reform the Directorate by Changing its name to capture the name ‘Skills Acquisition’ and to upgrade it into a Ministry. The Ministry will therefore create a Skills Acquisition program in every secondary School so that students will back up what they learn with Skills in the event they cannot find jobs after graduation. Or the conventional Schools be simply converted to vocational ones in order to make it strictly Skills. We seriously need to move away from the conventional setting as it is obvious that it is no more viable in our Country. Let us do what will work for us.

A little about me is, I am from Talata Mafara Local Government of Zamfara State, I got appointed as a Hon. Special Adviser on Skills Acquisition to His Excellency Governor Bello Matawalle from December 2019 – February 2021, and for the second time have been appointed as Special Adviser on NGOs. My experience so far in Office has exposed me to the challenges in governance and issues disturbing our Country which have developed in me much love for Nigeria. I pray that this Letter gets to you and stand to deserve your consideration Sir. I decided to make this write-up short and precise for easy glance and comprehension.

Allah ya jaa Zamanin tsoho mai experience amin.

I hereby drop my pen with due respect, so help me GOD
GOD Bless Nigeria.
Your Daughter,
Hon. Amina Iliyasu Mafara Mcism, Ficen.
Email: amina2425@gmail.com

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