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Nasarawa-Loko Road Now A Stuck Ground For Traveling Cars: A Call For Rescue

By Comr. Bashir Loko

It's a pity that from 1999 till date Nasarawa-Loko road is still under construction even with the recently concluded Loko-Oweto bridge, which bridge the transportation gap between the Southern and Northern part of Nigeria. However, as much as the travellers enjoy the road as the easiest way to travel so also they cry whenever they are stuck on the mud.

The rate at which cars are being stuck on the mud along the way from Ushata village to Loko is becoming alarming. Sometimes more than 100 cars are being stuck on the way making a 2 hours journey to a day or more.

Though, it's believed that the politicians use the road and electricity as their campaign promises during their campaign from 1999 till date, but tend to forget or deliberately abandoned it after securing the votes of the people of Loko and consequently winning their respective political positions.

At this point, I am calling our representatives from the Local government to the state and federal level, especially our Governor H. E. Engr. Abdullahi A .Sule to please intervene and collaborate with the President Buhari-led administration to come to our rescue. Nothing will pleased the people of Loko community more than the completion of this road making it motorable for smooth and hitch free transportation.

In conclusion, I'm calling for our stakeholders to wake up to face the reality and table our problems to the appropriate authority for immediate action, else youths will takeover the matter.

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