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Nigeria Winning Terrorism War, Says Lai Mohammed — Africa Daily News

Nigeria’s Information and Culture Minister, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has said that the country has performed creditably in her fight against insurgency and general insecurity.

Briefing a team of Journalists who accompanied him on an international media tour on Wednesday in the United States of America, Alhaji Mohammed said Nigeria is not a failed state and can never be one in every sense of the word.

The Minister who went on a tour and appeared on the BBC radio and Television programs, Bloomberg as well as Politico submitted that those predicting doom for Nigeria after the capture of Afghanistan are just wasting their time because Nigeria cannot go that way.

“The Nigerian security challenges varies; from insurgency, banditry and kidnapping yet the country has recorded tremendous success in the war. It is a known fact  that Nigeria is winning the war on terrorism.

“The insurgents are surrendering to our troops in droves and people are returning to their villages. We have been able to pinned the insurgency war  to the North Eastern. Yes, their are pockets of issues of insecurity in some parts of the country but the good thing is that they are in a few places and the government is tackle it head-on with success,” he stated.

The Minister said the Afghanistan scenario has proved that Nigeria has done well in managing her insurgency.

He alluded to the fact that America had spent 2 decades  and expended some trillions of dollars on Afghanistan without a resoundingly defeating the Taliban.

“The Afghanistan case is a clear example of how difficult it is to deal with an ideological war. These insurgents live among local communities.

They fight without adhering to any rules of engagement or laws. They are cruel and uncivil in their operations unlike a state. It is absolutely difficult, yet Nigeria is winning. “

The Minister said the on going propaganda against Nigeria’s effort in tackling insurgency cannot and doesn’t reflect the reality.

Alhaji Mohammed said there is no country in the world that doesn’t face insecurity challenges or that is crime free, however the response in tackling such is what matters most.

The Minister said the support received from U.S.A in form of the Super Tucano acquired will be a total game changer in the war on terror very shortly.

He said the results has even already started showing. “We are already winning and having great success both in the air and on the ground.”

Mohammed said Nigeria still remains the leader and big brother in Africa in. “Even the Covid-19 pandemic management is a clear indication of  our leadership role and capacity.”

Speaking on the country’s health sector and the ongoing Industrial action by Resident Doctors in the country  as well as the Covid-19, pandemic, the Minister pointed that Nigeria has been rated 4th best by the World Health Organisation in the handling of the pandemic globally.

“We appreciate the sacrifice of our Medical personnel and other health workers but the reality is that the system has to balance demands and other competing needs and challenges.”

Nigeria has faced insecurity challenges for over a decade, where insurgency has been on in the North Eastern part of the country and now pockets of kidnapping and banditry in some parts.However, the government has been tackling the battle the best way possible.

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