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There's A King, There's A King, By S. Yusuf Kafin Maiyaki

FILE: S. Yusuf Kafin Maiyaki

The present king of the animal kingdom seemed like salt on the earth when he was attempting his best possible to have power.

At that time, the poor animals residing in the kingdom were so keen to cast their votes for him. They got a robust perception that he's the most effective and purest individual to rescue them from attacks, hunger, and starvation. That he would arrest and cage the reputable looters who were salting away the kingdom's currencies to foreign forests.

Many sophisticated animals dwelling in and outside the kingdom wrote many articles in their attempt to tell the animals that this is the exact attitude, mission, and vision of their aspirant. However, they denied it.

To cut the long story short, the ambition of the poor animals was fulfilled. Their sinless candidate became their king. 
Months later as the king, the costs of social amenities started going higher and higher while deep hunger swallowed everyone everywhere in the kingdom.

S. Yusuf Kafin Maiyaki

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